Hi, I'm Brian!  


Jesus changed my life in high school, and I love to share Jesus with other people.  I have shared Jesus in many countries.  


God allowed me to meet a beautiful lady who loves Jesus in 1987.  I married Talani in 1990.  We had no idea all the ways God wanted to use our lives together, and it has been amazing and would take hours to tell you about.  


In the last few years, we have been blessed to share Jesus at Meridian Speedway with banners and race car sponsorships and promos, and at our local baseball park here in Boise.  


We are storage managers in Boise.

We love Jesus and we use our time and money to make Jesus known!  All of the websites and videos and music we create are free for you to view and use with a link back to JesusBroadcastingNetwork.com.  There is no charge for anything and we present them ad free, because Jesus is free, and we trust God to continue to provide the funds we need to share the good news about Jesus by working regular jobs.  We don't make a lot of money, but God has multiplied it in so many ways for His glory!  In this season of our lives, we are self storage resident managers in Boise, Idaho.  God has blessed us by allowing us to work together, which is beyond awesome!  We are praying for you, as you view this website, that you will grow in your relationship with Jesus!  There is not much time left before Jesus returns.  Are you ready for the return of Jesus?


Hi, I'm Talani!  


How could I possibly tell you the difference Jesus has made in my life?  


And how could I possibly tell you how blessed by God I am that God would allow me to do life with this man of God, Brian?  Wow!  Brian is an example to all men everywhere of letting Jesus show through your life.  It is our daily prayer.  


It would take more years than I have left to explain the awesomeness of Jesus, but I totally want you to know how awesome Jesus is, so I began creating TV shows and websites and God gave me original songs and raps.  The shows are from over 50 years of following Jesus across America and around the world, and are unique in my passion to catch your attention in any way possible so that you know that Jesus loves you, and came to die for your sins, then rose to give you a new life, fully forgiven if you believe and forgive others as Jesus forgave you, and Jesus is coming back again very soon!  


Are you ready for the return of Jesus?