Here are just a few of the ways God has used us to share the good news of Jesus over the years.  Our website ministry began with a website called Jesus In Las Vegas many years ago and was a powerful tool to share Jesus with the casino dealers and showgirls, and to be involved with a church that met at midnight in the basement of a casino just for those who got off at that time and slept all day.  This really opened our eyes to the heart of Jesus, to share His love with everyone everywhere in every way.  When we left Las Vegas for other work, we began creating online content and videos to share Jesus in unique ways.  Below are some of the websites God has used for His glory!  Our prayer is that this is a seed sown into you to ask God what you can do where you are in your unique style to share Jesus with those you come in contact with!


Who has silenced you?  Tis the enemy.  It's time to TESTIFY!


Launching Ambassadors for Jesus around the world.


TV Show in Port Angeles, WA

0731181444 copy.jpg

Our body is His temple.  His Holy Spirit lives inside of us.  He wants to love the world through us as we live our lives for His glory.

A virtual campground experience where you can encounter Jesus by the bonfire while you make s'mores.

fulllogo.png presents Bible truth in a news format.  Don't miss our Christmas news broadcasts.


Psalm 34:4  We do not need to fear this world.  We can trust in God.  Creative videos to impact those in the entrapment of fear.  Short videos for specific online ministry arenas.


The moment when Bible verses and tap dancing combine for impact to draw attention to the Word of God so that it can change lives.

Got 15 Seconds?

15 Second Videos for a new way to share your faith on social media sites.  We received back lots of positive comments from youth who connected with our content about Jesus!

Holy Ghost Encounter Tent Meeting Revival

An old fashioned tent meeting style re-created online and translated into multiple languages to share the truth about Jesus and His Holy Ghost from the Bible with people.


Daily hour long TV Shows in Sequim, Washington to share Jesus.  They agreed to putting Jesus on public access television if they could create a needed "personality" for their lineup.  I chose to do the show in segments where I walked with God, cooked with God, loomed with God, sang with God, etc.  We joined the Chamber of Commerce and shared our faith with the community at luncheons through speaking from the front and handing out promotional.  The primary target was the senior community at 3pm daily, encouraging them to grow in their faith and share Jesus with others in a variety of ways.  It was suggested by the TV station that we take this show to New York, but we did not feel God was leading us to move to the other side of the United States at that time.

Spring 40
Prayer and Fasting

A 40 day journey, for some more and for some less, in prayer and fasting.  Fasting was open to however God led individuals.  Prayer was for specific things on specific days as an idea, but open to people choosing what to pray for on their own.  This is to encourage people to take the time to seek the heart of God.  Sometimes it helps to not be burdened with meal times, purchasing groceries and cooking and cleaning up.  Some chose to give up other things to dedicate time to seeking God.  If you are on medicine, you should not fast from food.  Seek the advice of your doctor before deciding how to fast.  The main goal is prayer, and taking more time to talk to God.  It will be time well spent just focusing on God more.

Lots of Bible verses about the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  The kid referred to on this website name refers to children of God, not only young people.  Talani considers herself a Spirit Filled Kid of her Father God.  This is not a website specific to children ministry.

Nativity Scene
Christmas Manger News

This was a daily report about some of the most amazing facts about the Christmas manger story... things like pregnant from a ghost and born in a food bowl... don't miss this engaging series of daily news from the Christmas manger story of Jesus.

Bride on the Beach
The Bride Waits for Bridegroom Jesus

Jesus is our Bridegroom and He is coming again, but for now, we as His Bride must wait.  These are songs from God to Talani about this waiting.

Ta LA LA LA ni

Talani sings songs God has given her.  She plays 6 string, 12 string and electric guitar.  She plays piano and keyboard.  She creates loops online.  She writes lyrics inspired by the Holy Ghost.  She sings.  She produces.  God has used her music in multiple languages in multiple countries and to groups as large as 1,000 in person.  We pray God uses His music through her in your life.


Talani plays the shofar and God has used her online to different countries and languages because the shofar needs no words.  She has had powerful moments when she has blown the horn.  Much has been said about this unique instrument and how God has used it, and it still blesses many who use it to bless the name of the Lord.  We do not understand all of the ways God may choose to use His shofar in the future, but we can say that it is something very special.  To hear Talani play it, listen to the Holy Ghost Encounter Tent Meeting Revival vidoess as you enter the tent.

Brian's Handmade Paper and Bowls

Brian had a business years ago, but now it is his ministry as God leads him.  He creates handmade paper and bowls using recycled paper and egg cartons and cardboard and threads and things.  He anoints each slurry with oil and asks God to help him as he creates the art and to reveal to him who will receive it, and he prays that God will use it in others lives.  Miracles have happened with his art.  The stories are too long to tell here, but God has used his art to minister to many people, to solve problems in the spiritual realm, to give victories and to bless many.  Pray for this continued ministry that God will lead this unique art for God's glory!

Woman with Bible

The future is not a secret if you read Revelation.  We have read the entire book on videos and on television, and we have created daily posts of verses from the entire book of Revelation to share online.  Take time to read Revelation, then read it again in another version of the Bible.  Ask God to reveal the secrets contained in this book to you.  Seriously right now, go read it, it takes only 2-3 hours.  Read it out loud to your family.  Read it online to your friends.  Go live!  It is so powerful!  Know what it says!  Get excited about the future!

Ladies for God

Women's Retreats and Day conventions and seminars.